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Advice needed for newcomer to satelites

Hi to the List ,
I'm in need is advice on antennas and which satellites to "aim" for and new 
to using satellites.
I intent to work on 2m and 70cms,my thoughts so far (as to antennas have 
been along the lines of crossed yagi's for 2m and 70 cms properly an 8 
element for 2 and a 13 element for 70.
The radio I intend to use is a Yaesu FT726R with the satellite board fitted 
and an output of 10 watts to the above antenna system.
Which leads to my question is the proposed antenna/radio setup sufficient 
to work successfully any of the 2m/70cms satellites?
Which now leads on to my next question as to which satellites should I be 
looking to work?TIA and Vy 73 Gary

Gary McKelvie GM7USC
ICQ :1321792 Mobile :07713280518
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