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Re: AO-27 on a HT. How realistic?

on 12/28/99 12:26, Ciemon G0TRT at g0trt@AMSAT.Org wrote:

> I reckon AO-27 has got to be a good start point, mainly because I'm not
> going to have to buy anything expensive to work it. So if I get myself an
> Arrow antenna and use my TH-D7 am I really going to be able to work through
> it?
> Please remember I'm in the UK, it was always a battle getting one UI frame
> into Mir, is it realistic to expect to work AO-27 with 5w and an Arrow with
> so many potential big guns just over "the river" in Europe?

Many guys work AO-27 with HTs and an Arrow antenna.  It's a really nice
sounding bird and relatively easy to work.  You just gotta be willing to
step on other people to complete a QSO!

With an antenna with any kind of gain, a couple watts is plenty.  I've
worked on the FO birds with just a couple of watts (in the shack so it's
less after feedline losses).  So low power is plenty for LEO satellite work.

I've not worked AO-27 from other than my earth station with my large yagis
but I plan on trying it from my mobile with my TH-D7A real soon.

Good luck and have fun!



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