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Re: good basic book on feedlines?

G'day Andy,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this request, however I've been
trying to locate a really good book that was used as a textbook in a unit I
took a few years ago on the subject...  and have so far failed!

>From memory, the book was simply called "Transmission Lines", and was
written by Ron Bertrand (VK2DQ).  I used it in 1990 (?). 

The best I've been able to do in tracking it down further was to locate the
following URL:


There's a .pdf file there on transmission lines; perhaps that'll help

73, and all the best for 2000 to all!

Chris vk6kch

At 16:33 1999/12/24 -0600, you wrote:
> This one is slightly off topic, but can anyone recommend a basic
>book on feedlines? I know a guy, who isn't a ham, who is interested
>in getting to understand the whys and wherefores of feedlines, and
>I honestly couldn't think of a book that I thought would fill the
>bill. The guy can probably do most of the higher math that is
>involved in things like determining the impedence of a particular
>type of feedline, but knows nothing about RF, so I'm not really
>sure how he could go about finding out more myself.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, along with sources
>for any books that might be recommended.
>Andy Reynolds

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