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RE: Project help.


I use a compromise on solid Vs hollow fiberglass cross booms which works
well.  If you have a hollow boom, measure the inside diameter and go to a
store such as Home Depot or perhaps a lumber yard.  You will find they stock
kiln dried hardwood round stock in a variety of diameters and lengths.  I
found a standard length for my KLM mast which was a perfect friction fit.

To seal it against the weather, cut it about 1 inch shorter than the mast,
and center it.  Now stand the mast up, and fill the end with RTV or other
such compound and allow it to harden.  Do the same to the other end.  The
result is a strong support, lighter than solid fiberglass, which resists
crushing with the accompanying water leakage.

Mine has been in service for several years.  Recently I had to take
everything down for some general repair, so I dug out the RTV on one end.
The wood was bone dry.


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