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RE: FT 847 Filters


A good source of discussion on this is:
http://www.en.com/users/rayd/ft-847/index.html which is the unofficial
FT-847 users group.

Basically, for HF you need at least the RX filter rather than the stock
version.  Inrad has filters which are comparable to the Yaesu version for a
bit less, or slightly better filters for the same price.  The only drawback
is the filters are physically larger, and must be remote mounted with cables
to the normal installation site.  It is a clean install.

I got my rig before Inrad had the new filters, and have both the RX and TX
Yaesu filters installed.  An exhaustive 15 minute (!) before and after test
showed a noticeable difference under heavy QRM due to the decrease in AGC
pumping.  Others, more patient, have come to the same conclusion.

If I were doing it now, I would get the Inrad filters, though there is not
enough difference to cause me to replace the ones I have.


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