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Re: Not so stupid question

> > Is there any offset for elevation?
> No. I heard of magnetic north; never heard of magnetic "up" though.

I realize there was some humor involved here, but actually, the programs that 
will give you your magnetic deviation (I have one I got from NOAA on my home 
page...   http://www.megalink.net/~wejones/pgeomag3.exe )
ask you for an altitude, which affects the results, so maybe there IS a 
"magnetic UP"  :-) .  I at first thought that this meant elevation above sea 
level, but I think it means above ground level, because it seems to work 
properly only if I enter zero.
   Anyway, it may make a difference if you are in an airplane, but not for an 
antenna, unless you take your compass reading at the top of a REALLY tall 
antenna.   :-)

  I like the moon idea, but I prefer the sun. There are tables at 
 (and many computer programs will give this too) 
that give you the azimuth of the sun for any time of day.  I usually just find 
what time the azim is 180 and go look at the direction that the shadows are 
falling, and that is north.

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