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Re: Now HERE is a stupid question...


As has been posted the beams point true north. At a local airport you will
find areonautical charts on the walls. Look along the top or bottom edges,
look for a blue dashed line with a number and a W. I show you as being near
Pittsburg so the dotted line running from the top to bottom nearest your QTH
will state the offset from true. Here in NJ Variation is 14W. I would think
you will be somewhere around 6-7 degrees West.
The chart will also state its age so be sure you allow for a roughly a
1/2degree change per yr.(increase w)

If you have a boat store near by the nautical charts have compass roses on
them that will show true on the outer compass ring and mag on the inner. Why
the hell anyone would need a nautical chart for Pittsburg is a good question

Good luck with the beams, see you on the birds,

Al Emer N2YAC

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