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Not so stupid question

 "Timothy S. Zibrat" writes:

> When I align my antennas, do I use magnetic north or true north?

True north.

> If the
> answer is true north, how do I find my "offset value" to add or subtract
> from magnetic north? 

The gang will probably come up with several answers to this. Good (recent)
local maps often give the magnetic variation but I used the Moon.

Get a moon tracking program (run IT before Y2K will suffice). Go outside
and watch the moon. When its directly in line with some local feature, note
the exact time (I lined it up along the edge of my house). Run the tracking
program (which gives "true" co-ordinates) and see the azimuth heading for
that time. Turn your beam to that heading (on the dial) then go and turn
the antenna mount until it lines up with the selected local feature. Done.
Make a note of the heading to the feature for future reference.

> Is there any offset for elevation?

No. I heard of magnetic north; never heard of magnetic "up" though.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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