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Re: Minutes of Amsat BOD meeting.

Hi Vince:

You recently wrote to amsat-bb:

>I noticed the minutes of the last Amsat board of directors meeting were not
>published in the latest Journal. Will they be published in the next issue?

Yes, as similar to the past four years, we will publish the minutes of the
AMSAT BoD meeting in the Jan/Feb issue of The AMSAT Journal. As I type, Bill
Hook, W3QBC is putting the final touches on the minutes ~ a very tough (and
thankless) job considering the meeting covers two days of detailed
discussions and actions. I strongly urge all members to read these minutes
as they provide a good picture on what AMSAT has, is, and will be doing.

To boldly test the Journal staff's Y2K readiness, I plan to start assembling
this issue tomorrow (Boxing Day...hi) with grammatical editing, printing,
and distribution of the issue occurring after 01JAN00. I anticipated mailbox
delivery date of 01FEB00.

You may note that I am a bit behind in getting the Journal out as the
delivery of the past few issue have occurred in the middle of the issue's
last month (e.g. mid-December instead of 01DEC99).  This bugs me and I hope
to do better in 2000. However, this past Fall has been very hectic for me
and my family as we sold our house in August and are building a new home in
Vicksburg. Meanwhile, we are cozy and snug in an apartment that has about
1/4 the space of our old home (and with no satellite station!). To
complicate matters, lots of my AMSAT reference materials have been
(mistakenly?) placed in storage. Also, this Fall semester I taught an
evening class for Mississippi State apart from the local community college
course that I teach each semester. Apart from my real day job, teaching a
new course has kept me on my toes writing lecture notes and unfortunately
away from participating in on-going amsat-bb discussions; it does keep me in
ham equipment.....hi.

Busy, busy, busy & Noel,

Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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