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all First 2Y / 2Yn 432 EME QSO

Hi all,

Here's some great news from Oscar Zero.  73, Ray
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From:	Prat, INTERNET:ea3dxu@I3D.ES
DATE:	12/24/99 12:41 PM

RE:	all First 2Y / 2Yn 432 EME QSO

Hi all:

        I am happy to announce an event long waited: the first 2yagi-2yagi EME QSO on 432 sked with my friend Andrea IK5QLO, on December the 23rd of 1999 at 05:27 UTC, with report "O - O" in both sides.

        After 6 and a half year of activity on 432 with 2x38el M2 and after many not succesful skeds, it has been possible to complete a first ever 2yagi-2yagi on this band, with the help of moon perigee and very low sky noise. At the beginning signals were very poor, and we were not able to hear each other. After 15 minutes, sked conditions raised up to very good signals, each period conditions rised and rised until the end where conditions were excellent and permited also a Random QSO.

        The equipment was 2x28el + 1000Watt at Andrea IK5QLO side and 2x38el M2 + 1350Watt at EA3DXU side. Both stations running near the limit state of the art of 432MHz band.

        Now, with the state of the art equipment of 144 and 432 MHz is not necessary a big array to do some QSO's on EME. It is only necessary a good tropo equipment for some QSO's with big guns on EME. This could help some good equiped tropo or satellite stations to try to make some test on EME, with full warranties that there are good possibilitites to complete some fantastic QSO's on both bands.

        I was fortunated to complete also the first 2yagi-2yagi 144MHz EME QSO on the 24th of September of 1988, with PA0JMV, on sked, now the state of the art permites also quite usual 2yagi-2yagi random QSO's on 144MHz. I am sure that in the coming years, 2yagi-2yagi random QSO's will be possible on 432 MHz band, all that is necessary is a little improvement on TX power and RX noise factor or antennaes gain, but I am sure that this conditions will be acomplished in the first years of the next 2??? years.

        Next step willl be of course 2yagi-2yagi Random QSO on 70cm, or 2yagi-1yagi Random QSO on 144MHz.

        Merry Christmas and a happy new 2000 year.

        73 de Josep EA3DXU.

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