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KLM Antenna Part Options

In my vacation web surfing, I noticed the following information ont he M2
web site for KLM antenna owners.

Supplied for information purposes only, no vested interest in company, etc.,
etc., etc.

G. Beat
KLM Orphans --- thousands - not to worry M2 plans on helping out. We can't
do miracles and we, like you, can't communicate with KLM.

Mike Staal, owner, K6MYC , started KLM and developed most of the product
line will do his best to supply replacement parts and support to keep you on
the air. Mikes son Matt, now M2's plant manager started working at KLM at
the ripe old age of 12 or 13 grew up with the product line. He knows the
product very well.

If you need help with your KLM product, contact M2. Try to have your
assembly manual handy. We may also need a description of each part that you
need help with. It is obviously helpful to gave as much detail of dimensions
as you can provide. The more information you give us the better we can serve
you. Be patient as we expect a barrage of calls. We are very busy keeping up
with our demand of M2 products, but we want to help you any way we can. Of
course we can't honor warranties or supply replacement parts for free. All
we promise is to be fair.

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