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Re: Project help.

on 12/23/99 1:36 PM, Michael P. Olbrisch at kd9kc@elp.rr.com wrote:

> Any consensus on fiberglass Vs. Steel cross-boom, cables securely
> taped on the antenna Vs. hanging loose, and antennae mounted + or X.  Any
> input appreciated.  Thanks

Hi Mike,

I have a fiberglass crossboom that I got from MaxGain System
(www.mgs4u.com).  I purchased a fiberglass tube instead of the solid
fiberglass pole as it was significantly cheaper.  If I do it over again
someday I'll get the solid pole as the tube sags a bit.  You could get the
tube and load it with a wooden dowel to give it rigidity too.

But fiberglass is supposed to interfere with the antenna patterns less than
a metallic boom.

As for cables, mine are attached in big loops to the cross boom and then
down.  Hanging causes the entire weight of the coax to be supported by the
back end of the antenna causing a lot of unnecessary strain on your rotor.
Also, you may need to re-balance your antennas after adding the coax.  I had
to move the mounting points on my KLM antennas back a bit after hanging the
coax off of them.  It adds a good bit of weight.

Lastly, I think the looping of the coax just makes for a good, clean
installation and prevents problems of cables getting twisted up, etc.  Also
provides good drip loops for rain and other moisture.

Hope this helps,



Jon Ogden


"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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