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Another chance to get a DSP-10 parts kit (September QST)

Having failed to learn my lesson from the first run of kits, I am accepting
orders for a second run of kits for the DSP-10 2 meter transceiver. This
project was featured in a three part series that was in the September through
November QST this fall. This kit will include the circuit board and all parts
that mount on the circuit board. It will NOT include the Analog Devices EZ-kit
which you will need to order separately for about $90. The Analog Devices part
number is ADDS-21XX-EZLITE.

I am estimating that the total cost per kit will be $195 including the PC
board and shipping in the USA.  Any excess payment will be refunded to you or
donated to the Amsat Phase 3D project as you specify. The exact cost will
depend on the number of parts that are ordered and cannot be known at this
time. It is possible that my estimate will be low and you may be asked to send
additional money. Price breaks on semiconductors begin at 25 pieces, so if you
encourage your friends to order kits your final cost may be less.

We have been offered a 15% discount on printed circuit boards for ordering 10
or more. If you have already ordered your PC board please let me know so that
I don't order a second one.  If you already have your PC board the cost will
be $155 for the remaining parts and shipping.

You also need to obtain a box and some parts such as microphone connectors and
DB-9 plugs which mount off of the PC board. These can be obtained at Digikey
and/or Radio Shack. The kit will include the header plugs which connect to
their mating connectors on the PC and an adequate supply of crimp terminals. I
will also try to get the ferrite beads for EMI suppression and the 17
feedthrough capacitors which are needed for the DSP
enclosure. (The retail price of feedthrough caps is out of sight, I am looking
for a good surplus source. I usually buy these at hamfests at 4/$1.00.) I will
send a parts list by e-mail to anyone who requests it.

The recommended box is a Hammond 1590F which is available for $27 from
Digikey. Digikey's minimum order is $25 and they offer free shipping in the
USA if you pay by check or money order. It would not be cost effective for me
to order these boxes, the shipping charges to send them to you would eat up
any volume discount.

The 10 MHz crystal supplied with your kit will be Digikey part number SE3420
which was recently tested by Bob Larkin and found to cause the transceiver to
drift at 58 Hz per degree C at 2 meters. There are better crystals and TCXO's
available at higher cost but this has been a major source of delay in shipping
out the first run of kits and I am seeking to simplify that part of the
process. If you have a better quality 10 MHz frequency reference and don't
want a crystal, let me know when you order.

For people outside of the United States I will order the EZ-kit and the box
for you if there is some sort of hardship that would prevent you from
obtaining these items in your own country. I would prefer that you try to
acquire these yourself if you can.

You will need to fabricate an RF tight enclosure for the DSP board from copper
clad PC stock as outlined in the October QST article. Please read the QST
articles thoroughly before committing to build this transceiver. Bob Larkin's
web site at http://www.proaxis.com/~boblark/dsp10.htm also has much up to date
information and the software that you will need to download.

You can mail your checks for $195 for each kit to:
Dan Schultz
PO Box 1137
Greenbelt, MD 20768-1137


Kit delivery will probably be 4 to 6 weeks after the cutoff date and depends
on how many parts are backordered.

Kits for the USA will be sent US priority mail unless you request some other
method. All shipments will be insured. I am checking on costs to other
countries, if you are outside of the USA please contact me to discuss shipping
and customs arrangements.

In the event that parts are backordered, the postmark date on your payment
will determine your priority for receiving any parts that are in short supply.
In particular the MC145170 PLL chip may be a problem.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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