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Re: STS question

I'm no expert, but I think that this is correct. If they were in the *same*
orbit, and one was ahead of the other (by a considerable distance) than they
could never rendevous. Because if one were to speed up (or slow down) to
reach the other they would also change the distance above earth (it's called
'orbital mechanics' ... something traveling at xxx distance above the earth,
*must* be traveling at xxxx speed) and therefor miss the rendevous.

I think that it is likely that, while it may seem like the same orbit, they
are not in *exactly* the same orbit (yet), but one is below the other. As
the shuttle changes it's speed, it also changes it altitude.

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>Hello John;
> I am running StSorbits-plus and have the same problem. No it is not
>right. The shuttle should be behind Hubble but in the same orbit.  I am
>also running WinOrbits and that is the way it shows there.  Have not
>figured out what the problem is as yet. Maybe Dave can figure it out when
>he has a moment or two free.
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