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Re:fo-20 contacts and ect.

Ah, the yearly , what do I tune the uplink or the downlink discussion.
The best thing to do remains... 
 FOLLOW WHOEVER YOU ARE LISTENING TO. Then when you have the mike tune 
your uplink into that downlink. Before I computer controlled everything
in shack I would start a pass at say
 (on foo birds) around 435.840 I would send a short burst of cw to find
my u/l d/l pair. I would then tune to a QSO I would like to join, making
note of the freq difference and then tune the U/l to about where I need
to be. It takes a little practice. Every year I work field day without
computer control of the freqs or the antennas. It takes me about 2 or 3
days to develop a feeling of where to tune the u/l. To me this is part of
the fun, and skill  of sat work.  Here is Mike's chart again to guess
where to start finding 
yourself ! Of course this changes with doppler.....

>                  Working the Fujis!  (transponder is inverting!)
> USB Down             435.800  810  820  830  840  850  860  870  880 
>  435.900
> LSB Up             46.000  990  980  970  960  950  940  930  920  910 
>  145.900

Everyone have a very Happy and prosperous holiday season, and new

73 Jeff kb2wqm
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