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Re: Value of a Trakbox?

Thanks.  I had basically noticed mentions of the problem in passing,
and hadn't caught the nuances.  Yeah, before I put this thing in
service, I need to upgrade the firmware (and do lots of other stuff,

I'm remodeling the attic, which project includes a 20' tower on the
roof for HF antennas, so getting a satellite station up has been way
off the back of the stove for a while.

Happy holidays to everyone, and thanks for all the information.
73, doug

   Reply-To: <APBiddle@att.net>
   From: "Alan Biddle" <APBiddle@att.net>
   Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:01:46 -0000

   Steve and all,

   I was the guy having a problem with a processor upgrade.  It turns out that
   the EPROM image I was sent was a beta with a known bug, the one I found.
   Just a bit of confusion with the file name.  The correct, release version
   works perfectly so far as I can detect.

   As you mentioned, the version on AMSAT-BB works fine with the original CPU,
   and the upgraded Turbo-TrakBox.  I am running the newer TrakBox II, which is
   available through the UK TrakBox Users' Group, as well as other sources.


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