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Re: Primestar, Shuttle audio

> Monitoring Times indicates that Shuttle audio is available via GE-2
> transponder 13v C-band in SCPC (single channel per carrier) 81.3mhz
> subcarrier format. 
> Has anyone received this feed?

I just tuned in this signal...  found it at 1181.6 MHz off the lnb signal, which is a 
little off what is expected from the above (ie the above suggests +/- 11.3 MHz off the 
center freq of that transponder, ie 1190 +/- 11.3 or 1201.3 or 1178.7), however with a 
consumer lnb, there is typically several MHz of drift, so it could be my LNB that is off.

> Is it the same feed as NASATV?

It turns out that it is identical to the audio heard on NASA-TV, which is on channel 9.  
I was hoping that this might be raw audio without the commentator, and hopefully without 
their 7 second delay, but that is not the case.  It will be interesting to hear what 
comes over that channel when NASA-TV goes off to one of their press conferences.  I'm 
hoping that they will stay with the astronauts.

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