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Re: [Antennas] rf feedback

Ron, I seem to have missed your question on the MC-85 desk mike.  If you
find that RF is getting into the MC-85 check two items:  First take an
ohmmeter and see if the flex tubing from the base to the mike element is
well grounded.  Mine was not!  It required the insertion of some sharp
pins, driven between the flex and the solid metal on both ends!  Secondly,
place a few ferrite beads on ALL the conductors, underneath leaving
the base.  Mine was a nightmare without these fixes.  Cliff K7RR

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, rb wrote:

> I wrote to the lists a couple of weeks ago asking for advice on a
> troublesome rf feedback problem that came up with my Kenwood gear recently.
> There was pretty much a consensus that my MC-85 desk mike would turn out to
> be the culprit.  Guess what?  It was the culprit.  Cured it by switching to
> a hand mike.
> Thanks to all who responded.  Appreciate the assists.
> 73 de Ron, K5BDJ

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