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DirecTV form letter

Oh look my very own form letter, thanks but no thanks.

*************** Original Message ***************

 I was excited to see you were placing NASA select as a regular channel,

it would have been one of my favorite. But without warning the decision
was reversed and made no mention on your website. Bait and switch, say
one thing and do another. That does not win many points. Best regard,

 Thank you for writing. We place our most popular programming, along
with some of our public service channels, at our main orbital location,
101 degrees west longitude so customers with DIRECTV receiving equipment

will be able to receive it. We use our additional satellite capacity at
other orbital locations for programming whose appeal is not as broad.
This programming includes Spanish-language programming, local channels
for some cities, HDTV and some public service channels. Additional
equipment (A DIRECTV PLUS or DIRECTV PARA TODOS System) is necessary to
receive this programming.


Im pretty sure that NASA select is not in

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