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Re: SPAM!!!

>>John Becker wrote:

>> This will NOT stop till one is no longer able to alter their
>> email address...
>> The only way to get that is to have congress pass a new law.
>> As much as I hate to see congress doing anything I see no
>> other way.

Wrong, SMTP does not require an email server at origination. You are
confusing SMTP with POP. With an SMTP client one can connet to ANY
SMTP server (not just your own) with any identity desired.

>That will work as well as any other political solution to a technical


>The *problem* is people who operate insecure Windows-architecture
>machines...and promiscuously run any old executable that shows up in
>their inbox. No law, no matter how well-intended, will prevent that.

Ah yes, another attack on Windows, everybody hates the winner. Wrong, 
Unix and all of it's variants are OPEN SYSTEMS, Windows is not. Any 
moron, (yes even morons running Unix) can execute a program that 
arrives as an attachment.

- Mark West
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