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Re: Re: your mail

Well thank God for that.  I really do not know how to handle these idiots
who seem intent in doing the satellite program down.
I'll never understand the mentality of those who want to retain 40 year
old technology (NTSC) for the simple reason that a cheap IF is available,
nothing more advanced than an an existing TV set!!
    People, we have reached critical mass on this.  We have ten up/down
frequencies on the pad, ready to go and the Phase IIID in the wings, and
STILL these TV people want to QRM what effort we have accomplished!
Cliff K7RR

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Jim Doyle wrote:

> cliff:
> next time you have a e-mail from this character, forward it to me. 
> I will decode his header information , which will lead to his
> origination
> address..
> don't clip or copy just forward..
> jim kd4hur

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