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Rocket Science: Answers

Thanks to all for the help. Here's my original question and the answers I 
received for those who are interested:

  >OK, gang. Here's one for the spacecraft hardware types out there. I've been
  >searching, but the answer so far has eluded me (I'm a doctor, dammit, not a
  >chemist!). I know they are specifically shuttle related, but the principles
  >are the same as other spacecraft.
  >The topic is hypergolic propellents. The shuttle OMS and RCS utilize
  >monomethylhydrazine (MMH) and nitrogen tetroxide (n2o4), which, when mixed,
  >ignite producing thrust. I have not been able to discover (even from some
  >NASA folks) what the reaction product(s) of MMH + N2O4 is(are).
  >I'm curious as this came up as a question on our Aerospace Medicine boards.
  >Another curiosity on a similar topic is my shuttle toxicology book lists
  >both hydrazine and monomethylhydrazine as shuttle hazards. I can only find
  >references to the MMH being onboard. Anyone know if there really is
  >hydrazine present and what shuttle system it's used for?
  >73, Keith

  >Newsgroups: sci.space.tech
  >The stock answer would be N2, H2O, CO2, CO
  >Thing is, chemistry isn't that clean. Under those conditions, you
  >get all sorts of oddball products that can be toxic in small quantities. You
  >might get some NH3, HO., and even C60 - you name it.
  >OTOH, it's hard to imagine that the combustion products would be more toxic
  >than the propellant components.
  >-Larry C.

  >Newsgroups: sci.space.tech
  >According to PROPEP the exhaust products of MMH and N2O4 at an O/F of 1.6 
  >as follows:
  >NUMBER MOLS GAS AND CONDENSED=   1.2593   0.0000
  >  0.41454 H2O        0.39091 N2         0.23631 H2         0.15314 CO
  >  0.06389 CO2        0.00045 H          0.00007 HO         0.00000 NO
  > 1.39E-06 NH3
  >values are in Mols.
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