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Re: VB4016.DLL required to run Wingrid.exe

At 04:44 PM 1999-12-18 +1000, Brian Beamish VK4BBS wrote:
>HI Folks
>Both Ed VK4BG and I are looking for VB4016.DLL to be able to run WINGRID.EXE
>just downloaded from AMSAT-NA.
>Thanks in advance for your help
>Regards Ed VK4BG and Brian VK4BBS

If you've downloaded the old version of WinGrid from the AMSAT-NA bulletin
board, please get the newer version 3.2, which is a standalone "exe" and
does not require DLL's.  The new version, along with some other stuff is at:


I had asked Paul Williamson to update WinGrid on the Amsat-BB site a while
back, but I guess he hasn't gotten around to it.


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