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Re: ATV and the Weak Signal/Oscar band plan....

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Mike Baker wrote:
> >      Here in the Phoenix area we have had a local 434.00 input to our ATV
> > repeater for the last 10 years or more.  Problems of interference to the
> > Satellite users and weak signal guys has been NON EXISTANT.
> > Interference to the ATV input because of signals from satellite users
> > were a real problem at one time but have diminished to infrequent at
> > best.
> Yes, when AO-13 died, then no one was transmitting on 435...  What is the
> band plan for P3D?  If it includes a 70 cm Uplink, then I would expect
> you might anticipate a return of "a real problem"...
> Just a thought...

P3-D's Uplink is from  435.300 -  435.550 MHz (digital)
and  435.550 -  435.800 MHz (analog).

73s Peter DB2OS

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