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Re: Newbie Questions - Can't find good answers anywhere

Jon Ogden wrote:

> 3.) Why are some "amateur" satellites in "non-amateur" modes (PoSAT for
> example).  This doesn't sound too amateur to me!  What gives?

Hi Jon

As PoSat-1 is concern, I don't know the *exact* reason.
However I'll do my best to give some light on the subject.

When PoSat was built, although primary mission was comercial,
an amateur payload was also included, probably due "SSTL ham lobby" ;)
After the sucessfull launch, the question came: what to do about the 
"piggy back" transponder???
AMSAT-PO, by then recent born, signed a Protocol with sat owners
and it was agreed that PoSat was going to operate on ham bands,
on a *certain* schedulle. From that point all went down...
The schedulle was NEVER agreed, and PoSat never retured to ham bands. 
(I said return because, meanwhile the discussions were taking place, 
PO-28 worked several weeks on our bands, from 28 Jan-13 Feb 94) 

BTW, this leads me to another question: why "PO-28" designation
was replaced by "POSAT" on AMSAT keps list???
In oposition to a few "ham" birds (xO-yy) included on that list,
at least PO-28 was (sometime) REALLY USED by amateurs!

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT
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