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Re: Newbie Questions - Can't find good answers anywhere

At 10:44 AM 12/14/99 -0600, Jon Ogden wrote:
>1.) What is the PROPER way to tune for doppler shift?

My essay on this subject is at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/one_true_rule.html

>2.) A question on SO-35:  All the stuff I can see about it says it has a
>"mode B" transponder.  To me this means SSB with a 70 cm uplink and a 2m
>downlink.  Is it an SSB bird or is it a digital only bird?  Also, it's made
>numerous passes over me in the last day and I have heard nothing.  Does it
>have a funky schedule or something??

It does have a funky schedule. It's available in the weekly AMSAT News Service bulletins, see http://www.amsat.org/amsat/news/ans.html#so-35

>3.) Why are some "amateur" satellites in "non-amateur" modes (PoSAT for
>example).  This doesn't sound too amateur to me!  What gives?

Amateur satellite builders have to be creative to find launch opportunities, funding, and the many other resources needed. Generally the solution is to be a secondary (or tertiary, or even lower) payload on a launch. Sometimes we get to be a separate spacecraft, deployed from the launcher, and sometimes we get to be bundled into the same spacecraft as other payloads. Since any given spacecraft has a finite power budget (limited by the size of the solar panels), it's likely that all the payloads on board can't be operated full-time. So naturally the paying customer gets to operate when he wants to.

73  -Paul

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