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ATV on 434 MHz, Formerly: 70 cm band plan???

I have read the discussion of 434 MHz ATV with interest as a satellite 
operator, weak signal operator (432 MHz) and hopefully future ATVer.  In 
Southern California, most of the ATV repeaters have an input on 434 MHz and 
have for years.  This is coordinated through the local frequency coordination 
council.  I have read that this was done with careful consideration of both 
the weak signal and satellite sub bands.  Apparently the subject was studied 
extensively and it was concluded, for reasons similar to those stated 
previously here, that interference would be minimal.  I believe I read this 
on line somewhere, if anyone wants to try to search for it.

Personally, I have never noticed an objectionable interference from ATV when 
operation mode J satellites (FO-20/29) or SSB/CW around 432 MHz.  Perhaps if 
I were trying EME, I'd feel differently.  Radar interference is another 
matter, unfortunately.

Further info on the Southern California ATV repeaters using 434 may be found 

The FCC rule that Andy interprets to prohibit repeater inputs at 434 is 
reproduced below.  I presume he's counting the full 6MHz bandwidth and it 
would appear that the local repeater operators and coordinating body must go 
by the center frequency only.

"This is actually a very easy problem to solve.  Look at  97.205 (b).  Any
ATV repeater with a receive input on 434.000 MHz  violates the FCC rules.
Andy  N9AB"

>From the ARRL's web site:
"97.205 Repeater station. 
(b) A repeater may receive and retransmit only on the 10 m and shorter 
wavelength frequency bands except the 28.0-29.5 MHz, 50.0-51.0 MHz, 
144.0-144.5 MHz, 145.5-146.0 MHz, 222.00-222.15 MHz, 431.0-433.0 MHz and 
435.0-438.0 MHz segments." 

Anyway, I hope this sheds a little more light on the subject.
John Oppen, KJ6HZ
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