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UO-36 operations

UO-36 (UoSAT-12) is currently being operated at 38k4 on 437.025MHz.
Currently, this downlink is always switched on over Surrey, so should be
accessible to operators in Europe.  Due to the limited power on UO-36, it is
not possible to have this downlink on permanently over all areas.

For this reason, I am currently testing some software that will allow
stations to switch the downlink on for a short period.  This ensures that
the downlink is OFF for most of the time when stations are not using the
satellite, and therefore saves power.  Additionally, when the groundstation
requests the transmitter be switched on, it performs some checks on the
available power and status of various systems before deciding to switch the
downlink on.  If the battery voltage is low, or if a small number of other
conditions are not met, the transmitter will not be switched on.

This software is currently being tested by VK5HI, W0SL and W4SM.  Thus, the
downlink should be available at various times over the USA, and VK/ZL.  Once
we are happy with the operation of the software, I will release it for
general use in the form of an updated version of MSPE.

Most people currently downloading at 38k4 on UO-36 are using Symek
equipment.  The "IFD" module is relatively low cost and can be fitted inside
most radios for reception of high data rates.  Further information can be
found at www.symek.com.

For receiving 38k4 downlink, you should ensure that your data rate between
the TNC and the PC is higher than 38k4 or you will loose data.  The updated
version of MSPE will also support the Symek TNC3 which can run at data rates
up to 1.6Mb/s and can support 2 internal modems - again, this unit from
Symek is quite popular with stations currently receiving 38k4 on UO-36.

UO-36 operating information -:
Uplink frequency	149.600
Downlink Frequency	437.025
Broadcast callsign	UO121-11
Uplink data rate		9600
Downlink data rate	38400

Note that the downlink frequency may change to 437.400 in the future.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO

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