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Re: More surplus DSS in future ?

At 20:12 1999-12-11 , Gregory Beat wrote:
>Changes occuring to DIRECTV.
>Also NASA TV appears to be coming to DIRECTV.

I've been asking  Direct TV about adding NASA Select for a long time. I think
it is time for everyone that has DTV to give them a call and ask them WHEN they
are going to add it. Since Direct TV bought Primestar (they had NASA select)
they should be adding it. 

I haven't heard anything about them adding NASA Greg. What and where have you
heard this. There was nothing on their website as of 3 nights ago. 

Please if you have Direct TV give them a call and tell them you want NASA
Select. It will take MANY people asking to get them to do it!!

Happy Holidays to all!!

73, Bill N4XEO

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