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Re: Digital Sats

Someone asked:

> Are there any standards for use of the multiple uplink freqs on some of
> the  digital satellites? For instance, on AO-16 I read that 145.900,
> 145.920 and  145.940 were used primarily for uploads.

Here is the 2m Satellite band as I have gathered (inputs welcome):

.80    .82    .84    .86    .88    .90    .92    .94    .96    .98    .00

*ISS*||*UO11*|        |++++RS-15++++|++++++FO20 CW / SSB UPLINK++++++++|
               |+FO29+|+FO29+|      |+FO29+|        |++++++RS13++++++++|
                        |+IO26+||+IO26+| |+IO26+||+IO26+|
      |*SO35*|                  |+UO22+| |+TM31+|
                     |+KO23+|   |+KO23+|                        |+KO25+|

An advantage of 145.900 is that all three 1200 baud PACSATS (currently
authorized for UI/APRS) are there.  PLus the other two FO20,29 that are
capable.  But two things mitigate this advantage:

1) I have found that each of these three satellites is slightly off.
Meaning I have to retune by 5 to 15 KHz to optimize each one...

2) AND UO22,KO23 and segments of FO20, FO29, and RS15 are also there.

Ergo you might want to consider one of the other channels to lower your
probability of collision with another user of the same bird.  But more
probably, the presence of illegal transmitters in central and south
america can give interference problems on some of the channels.  Best
thing to do is to experiment.

NOTICE, that we have plenty of ON-ORBIT satellites fully capable
of LIVE Keyboard QSO's.  With the right sound-card software, there is no
reason why HAMS the world over could not experience the fun of AO27 style
operations using their laptops and packet and almost 10 times more
passes per day!  AND since each packet takes 1 second instead of 15
seconds for a voice exchange, then there could be a lot more exchanges
per pass.

de WB4APR, Bob

All we need to make this into appliance operations is the right sound card

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