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Re: Sorry, Off topic info needed. Linux.

> I have an old, seldom used 486DX notebook with 8 MB ram and 260 MB HD. It
> doesn't have a CD rom drive. I'd like to put Linux on it. Does anyone know
> where to get info on installation procedures for installing Linux on
> computers without CD ROM drives?  

There are a couple of things you can do, but the small size of your hard
disk will not permit you to copy a Linux distribution to the laptop's
hard disk and install it locally.  Your best bet might be to install
Linux on the laptop through a second machine that acts as an NFS server.
Both machines may be connected via a network interface, or via SLIP or PPP
using your serial ports using a null modem connection.

In either case, you'll still need a small Linux installation on the 
laptop.  The 'A' series of Slackware floppies might so the trick for you, 
or perhaps a Slackware "boot" and a "rescue" disk.  I've used "Trinux"
(www.trinux.org) floppies to install Linux from a host computer via FTP.

> Does Instantrack work with the Linux 0/S?

Not as a native application, but it could work using a DOS emulator.
I have run STSPLUS and IRIDFLAR using the DOSemu with excellent results.
Also, I expect to be releasing version 2 my PREDICT program for Linux
*VERY* soon, so that'll be something else you can use to track and
predict passes of satellites.

73, de John, KD2BD

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