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Re: DSP, good use on satellites?

Congrats on your 10th contact and for "keeping after it."  Working satellites 
is a voyage of discovery and you learn a little more very time you get up the 
moxie to try one more thing.  

That Mirage has two convenient features:  1) a low-gain setting that may be 
more comfortable with only 50' of coax after it, and 2) a user-adjustable 
"tweak" vari-cap.  Both adjustments are available under the hood.  A constant 
signal like a beacon or the digitalker on FO-29 are good signals to tweak the 
preamp.  If your rig has an RF gain adjustment, try backing that off as well 
when the preamp is on:  it's like operating on 80 m at night, too much RF 
gain and not enough dynamic range--the result is high background noise.

Jerry, K5OE

> Anyways, I would like to ask if using a DSP would reduce the noise that is
>  created when kicking on the pre-amp? I have a mirage 70cm pre-amp (mounted
>  at the mast), and noise is little, but then when I kick the pre-amp on,
>  noise is an S2-3, however signals go from being almost (very very very
>  close) to undetectable to S7-9 (That's with my RG-8 50' run since last 
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