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DSP, good use on satellites?

As most of you know, I am new to satellites... Last night I made my 10th
contact, after experiencing difficulties with my N-connector on the 70cm
link :( Caused me to miss two passes! )

Anyways, I would like to ask if using a DSP would reduce the noise that is
created when kicking on the pre-amp? I have a mirage 70cm pre-amp (mounted
at the mast), and noise is little, but then when I kick the pre-amp on,
noise is an S2-3, however signals go from being almost (very very very
close) to undetectable to S7-9 (That's with my RG-8 50' run since last night
I had difficulties with my 9913 run - connector - Will be fixing tonight,

Just curious if you can get a little bit more pleasant sound.

Jeremy - KB8LFA@amsat.org

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