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WW>Hi Mike,
WW>I'm no expert on AO-10. I work it all the time with only 25
WW>watts into a CC 42
WW>el X-Yagi. Down link is a CC 22 el X-Yagi with a SSB pre-amp
WW>at the antenna, AZ / EL rotors.  The booms are almost 20
WW>feet long.
WW>The bird is tumbling and out of control and the batteries
WW>are dead, so you have to put up with deep fades, or
WW>sometimes it just isn't pointed our way......or the sun
WW>isn't hitting the solar panels.
WW>   A lot of hams work it only when it's close and give up
WW>when it gets out about 20000 km. If you want to work it
WW>"almost" all the time then you will have to go the full
WW>blown Oscar antenna set up. Then that's no guarantee that
WW>you will work it just any time.
WW> Put most of your money into receiving.  (The only time that
WW>bigger is best hi
WW>hi)....50 watts will work just fine but it wouldn't hurt to
WW>have more. If you
WW>can't hear it, all the power in the world won't help you
WW>work AO-10 or any of
WW>the birds. A lot of guys try to get on the birds with
WW>"rubber ducks" no pre-amps and wonder why they can't work
WW>the birds.
WW>I don't want to discourage you in any way, but you might try
WW>FO-20, FO-29 or AO-27. Much easier to work with less of a
WW>antenna set-up and 50 watts would be
WW>over-kill.  BUT you need to be able to hear...........
WW>You might go to  www.amsat.org  you will find lots of
WW>Hope to "see" you on the birds,
WW>Mike         WL7BQM          BP40nn
    Thanks Mike for the info!!! In the past I have been on RS-10,
and RS-12 but never on the other birds you mentioned!
    Happy Holidays!
Mike  WG0I

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