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Re: AO16/LO19/IO26 APRS QSO Party, Results

On Sun, RogerKola@aol.com wrote about the 1200 bd APRS PACSAT tests
> I was looking for the information on the sound card driver used 
> in the uplink during the event that allowed a pc soundcard to act as the 
> transmitting portion of the TNC....i see that information is not at the 
> site...maybe it has been discussed in the APRS bulletin Board which I have 
> been unable to find

No, KA2UPW has had the code working for a few months, but has been just
too busy to complete it and make a public announcement.  I think he is
getting real close now.  This was a demonstration that it works.  Be sure,
when he is ready to release it, everyone will know..

Best to leave him alone until he is ready.  Each email takes time to
answer... and keeps him from coding...

de WB4APR, Bob

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