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TNC's and WiSP

I am in the process of obtaining one of Symek's IF demodulators for my
FT-736r to be able to receive the 38.4K data rate that TO-31 occasionally
supports (and perhaps more regularly on future satellites). However,
currently I have an AEA DSP2232, which doesn't support the higher data
rates. Does anyone have any recommendations for TNC's that can handle the
38.4k data rate?

I am aware of PacComm's Spirit-2 and Symek's TNC3S. Are there any others to
be considered?

Also, as I understand it, 9600bps is used on uplink, but 38.4K for downlink.
That means that the TNC that I choose must also support that configuration.
Is the PacComm Spirit-2 TNC capable of this "split" operation? What about
the TNC3S?

Does WiSP support either of these TNCs (with 9600 up and 38.4K down)? I
think the Symek TNC3S is type TNC3 (which doesn't seemed to be supported by
WiSP) and the Spirit-2 is type TNC2 (which appears to be supported by WiSP).

Regarding WiSP.... It appears as each individual satellite can select a
different TNC (with different COM ports) - this is a nice feature since I
already have 9600 system setup for KO-23/25, UO-22, etc. and this works just
fine. But, the same is not true regarding doppler and frequency selection
for the radios. That is, one cannot assign an individual satellite to a
specific radio (like you do with the TNC). I mainly use an ICOM 821 for
digital work and a FT736r for analog work, however, since some of the future
satellites may support 1.2Gig for uplink, it would really be nice to take
advantage of my 736r for digital operations too. Rather than convert
everything over to the 736r, I would like to be able to use the 736r for
some sats and the 821 for others. This would require the ability to select
the individual radio on a per satellite basis (just as the TNC selection is
done today). Now, WiSP does not currently have this ability, however, it
appears that Joe Holman's KCT driver that WiSP relies upon to talk to the
KCT card supports up to four radios (take a look at File/Station
Properties/Setup). A year or so ago I contacted Chris Jackson about this
possibility - at the time he indicated that if the support was in the KCT
driver, then it may not be too difficult to do. Chris really hasn't had the
time (he's too busy getting satellites into space - which is a good thing)
to look into my request and rather than to continue to bug him I thought I
would ask if anyone had any suggestions on how to solve this problem? It may
not seem like a problem right now, however, down the road when there are
many different satellites using many different uplinks/downlinks with
various high speed data rates, one could imagine requiring more than one
radio and TNC combination, right?


Joe Steinmetz

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