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FW: Help! Troubles with WiSP?...

Greetings Everyone,
My original message was cut off before the problem had been thoroughly explained, therefore I'm resending it: 

I have set up a "new" station and am having some difficulties with WiSP.  I e-mailed the following info to my friend Dave WB6LLO (who couldn't really help me because he uses InstanTrack) and a copy to Chris Jackson G7UPN (who is probably too busy to respond).  I'm hoping someone here on AMSAT-BB may be able to guide me down the path of orbital righteousness.  Please respond directly to my e-mail address as I do not currently subscribe to AMSAT-BB.  Thank you.

Hiya Dave,

I hadn't operated my satellite station for a couple years because after I moved from Santee to La Mesa, I just never had the time to get everything all set up (mostly due to all the new antennas I bought).  Well, as luck would have it, I was laid off from work about a month ago and have since been able to get everything all together and working (for the most part).

I had to upgrade to WiSP 32 and got it installed OK.  I've got the KC Tracker/Tuner interfaced into my radios (IC-275A & IC-475A) and antenna rotor (Yaesu G-5400B) and it appears to be working OK (the radios are automatically doppler tuned and the antenna moves).  Despite my best efforts, I still have a few problems that I can't seem to figure out.

First, let me list my station setup:

Radios:  Icom IC-275A and IC-475A
Rotor: Yaesu G-5400B
Controller:  Kansas City Tracker and Tuner
TNC: PK-232MB with TAPR 9600 baud modem and TAPR 1200 Baud PSK modem
Computer:  266 MHz Pentium, 32MB RAM, 10GB Hard drive, Win95 4.00.950 B
WiSP: GSC V2.01a, MsgMaker V2.10a, MsgView V2.00b, MSPE V2.00f, ProcMail V2.00g, UpdKeps V2.00c, View-Dir V2.00e

1. The GSC Graphic Tracking Display appears to show the satellite AZ & EL correctly however, GSC will always point & display my antenna position 22 degrees to the left (CCW) of the bird.  Consequently, I have difficulty hearing the bird.  Also, when it parks my antennas, it is always off by 20-22 degrees CCW from where I specified it to be in the setup.  The elevation angle seems to be fine.  NOTE: I did go through the calibration process and verify that the antennas are aligned with the control box reading and with the display reading.  Also, I did try using the position offset to correct the problem but, it only made it worse on an overhead pass when the rotor would have to swing around due to the AZ limits.

2.  WiSP does not come with any setup files for the satellites and you have to create them manually.  You probably already know what a pain in the posterior this is and it is even more difficult trying to do when there is no damn documentation and not understanding what the program needs.  I constantly get error messages regarding "Hole files".

3.  The GSC Graphic Tracking display does not stay where you leave it.  It shifts its position down and to the right each time that you open it.

4.  The AZ-EL display for the antenna position is corrupted if I start the program before powering on the rotor control box.

I guess I should direct this to Chris Jackson as well.  I'll cc: it to him.

In any event, I was hoping that maybe you might be able to be an Elmer to me or possibly recommend someone.  I'm home most of the time so you can get a hold of me most any time, day or night.  Thanks alot - I really appreciate your help.

Joseph B. Travis
tel: 619-461-4928
fax: 619-461-4908

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