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Thanks very much for the information.  I surely would not want you to break 
your non-disclosure agreement, even if AEA is out of business.  What I 
would like is your ideas about whom to contact and how to approach them 
about a possible release into the public domain.  If TIMEWAVE  (I am 
assuming that it is TIMEWAVE that bought the ST-1 rights) is not 
considering building any more ST-1's, then it seems that they will lose no 
money and gain good will.  It seems to me that what will happen (if they 
retain the code) is that most users of ST-1's with digital satellites will 
simply junk their ST-1's and go to Dave Lamont's (ZL2AMD) hardware (or 
similar), with some feelings of aggravation towards TIMEWAVE.  That may 
happen anyway.

Thanks again and 73
Pete K5GM

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Peter & friends,

Yes, Nova for Windows 32 does support the ST-1 directly via 32-bit
access.  We were successfgul in obtaining the driver code from AEA
before they folded.  However, we obtained the code under a
non-disclosure agreement and I feel honor-bound to respect it.


Peter Jordahl wrote:
> Mark,
> What I was referring to was the fact that the drivers for the ST-1 are
> 16-bit code.  WISP will not be supported in a Y2K-acceptable way with
> 16-bit code; the developer has made that clear.  Hence to use WISP 
> with the ST-1 requires a 32-bit driver for the ST-1.  Several attempts 
> been made in the past to acquire the driver code in order to re-compile 
> in a 32-bit environment), with no apparent success.
> Since you are using different software (presumably 16-bit) the existing
> drivers will work for you, or perhaps the NOVA software supports the ST-1
> directly with no added drivers.  If you have documentation that states 
> NOVA does support the ST-1 directly, please let me (and the group) know.
>  However, that doesn't get us on the air with WISP32!
> Thanks and 73
> Pete K5GM

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