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Re: RE: AEA ST-1

Peter & friends,

Yes, Nova for Windows 32 does support the ST-1 directly via 32-bit
access.  We were successfgul in obtaining the driver code from AEA
before they folded.  However, we obtained the code under a
non-disclosure agreement and I feel honor-bound to respect it.


Peter Jordahl wrote:
> Mark,
> What I was referring to was the fact that the drivers for the ST-1 are
> 16-bit code.  WISP will not be supported in a Y2K-acceptable way with
> 16-bit code; the developer has made that clear.  Hence to use WISP (WISP32)
> with the ST-1 requires a 32-bit driver for the ST-1.  Several attempts have
> been made in the past to acquire the driver code in order to re-compile it
> in a 32-bit environment), with no apparent success.
> Since you are using different software (presumably 16-bit) the existing
> drivers will work for you, or perhaps the NOVA software supports the ST-1
> directly with no added drivers.  If you have documentation that states that
> NOVA does support the ST-1 directly, please let me (and the group) know.
>  However, that doesn't get us on the air with WISP32!
> Thanks and 73
> Pete K5GM

Michael R. Owen, Ph.D.                      Dept. of Geology
Northern Lights Software Associates         St. Lawrence University
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