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What I was referring to was the fact that the drivers for the ST-1 are 
16-bit code.  WISP will not be supported in a Y2K-acceptable way with 
16-bit code; the developer has made that clear.  Hence to use WISP (WISP32) 
with the ST-1 requires a 32-bit driver for the ST-1.  Several attempts have 
been made in the past to acquire the driver code in order to re-compile it 
in a 32-bit environment), with no apparent success.

Since you are using different software (presumably 16-bit) the existing 
drivers will work for you, or perhaps the NOVA software supports the ST-1 
directly with no added drivers.  If you have documentation that states that 
NOVA does support the ST-1 directly, please let me (and the group) know. 
 However, that doesn't get us on the air with WISP32!

Thanks and 73
Pete K5GM

(If I am mis-stating the case, I am sure that we will be enlightened by 
those more familiar with the problem!)

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Hi Peter, Bill & Malcolm:

I noticed your post regarding the AEA ST-1. Currently, I have two of the
ST-1 controllers in my possession. (One extra in case of a lightning
hit) I have found them to be excellent little controllers for my Yaesu
G5400b rotor system while using Nova for tracking. I have operated Nova
under both win95 & win98, on laptops and desktop type computers in a
32bit scenario.

Last year, I set the clock ahead by one year on my desktop computer and
ran the antennas without any glitches. Every one of the features of Nova
seemed to work with the ST-1's. My concerns about a Y2K problem with the
ST-1 was set aside by several who told me that my software was crucial
for Y2K, not my hardware.

So, I was curious about your latest post. I didn't catch your first
posts and wondered what your concerns were. (I was just guessing about
the Y2K part) Please update me, is there something I missed regarding
the ST-1?

Mark Fossum - N0NSV

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