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Re: TS790 High Speed Modification

Hi Ralph, Uli, Bob and all,

Just finally completed my system wiring so that the TNC3S can and does 
receive the new 38,400 baud from UO-36. Radio works great with full signal 
lock between satellite UO-36, radio TS-790 and TNC3S and the 9k6 / 38400 baud 

Whilst Ulf at Symek had the radio to work out how to modify the radio's RX he 
also worked out an improvement for the TS-790 A & E to be able to also TX at 
19200 baud with a simple mod. If you want to modify your radio you need to 
look at the following pages, Ulf as documented them with circuit diagram for 
all to see.


 <A HREF="http://symek.com/sat/TS790,htm";>Symek TS790 modification</A> 

The mod produced a better clear signal and good for 4800 - 19200 baud FSK TX, 
an improvement on top of my old TX wiring.

The RX with the IFD Board off the satellite is 100% good, last night I had a 
full signal lock at S3 as the satellite was just breaking the arising AOS. 
Even with water in the coax, a triplexer and masthead preamp inside. During 
the pass I had a S9 Plus 20 throughout most of the pass, it will be great 
when they turn on that mode all around the orbit eh? 

Just waiting on UO-36 to take a few images and the Command Centre to download 
them now mate. :-))

BTW, Chris Jackson as a TNC3 from Ulf, so he make add the commands to the 
next update of WISP. This new TNC seams to be great, more flexible than the 
Data Engine because we can upload other programs into flash as well as Ram 
memory. I have mine set in KISS as default.

Try the TS-790 TX mod, it will improve your signal to the satellite and the 
repeater too.

Will keep you posted lads,


Chris J. Dixon
Member of AMSAT-UK & RSGB
South Wales, UK.

My own web page: http://members.aol.com/cdixon6901/
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