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Using Telex, Hygain, CDE, CDR rotators

Hi out there. I thought I would share the ingenuity of one of
our fellow travellers. Have a look at the web site for details
on the tracking system

de Dave      ZL2AMD.      www.qsl.net/zl2amd/

"Sorry, Dave. I have been so busy operating I forgot to get back to you....
(I think I can blame you for this since you make such a great product!!).

The (Telex, HyGain, CDE, CDR or Alliance as you call it) rotor is working
great. Here's what I did:

In the control box I added a regulator circuit (LM317K) to obtain a
regulated source of 5 volts. This was applied to the two pins 3&7. My rotor
is a CD-44/45 which does not have a brake in the base. This leaves pin 2 on
the control box available for seperate ground. I disconnected the 28V
supply from pin 2 and connected it directly to the front panel switches.
Now pins 1, 5 & 6 control rotor movement, 3 & 7 apply 5 volts to the
rotor's wiper and pin 2 is connected to ground.

In the rotor I only had to remove the ground wire from pin 1 and solder it
to pin 2 (which, since there is no brake, has no connection). While the
interface board you designed is an "intelligent" device it really is too
stupid to know what is connected to it externally. Using the output of the
2803As I drive relays rated at 10A/120V with a 30mA coil current. This
should not prove to be any burder for the 2803 since it is rated at 500mA.

As I said, it works perfectly. I know only need to familiarize myself with
the various features of the program. I have used UNI_TRAC with WiSP and it
works perfectly there as well.

Lost of fun. A good kit to build and one can achieve "works first time"
results with very little effort. I am thinking of writing up a little note
to submit to one of the Ham magazines I subscribe to. Would that be a
problem for you?

At 06:32 PM 11/29/1999 -0000, you wrote:
>how goes the battle with the Alliance??

73 from NS1Z, FN44rn

John Wilcox
871 Route 120
Rumford, ME  04276-3836

fon: 207-364-2246"

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