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RS-13 - more

FWIW: I was amusing myself last week by copying RS-13
telemetry ("RS13 IIK81 INO00 IAO33 IMO45..." - riveting
stuff! :-), and observed some very fast flutter on the down-
link (made it sound like it was stuttering on the dits), as well
as a periodic fade (every 5 seconds) during part of the pass.
I assume the former is due to the ionosphere, while the latter
is spacecraft spin.

I recorded the pass and played it back a group at a time in
CoolEdit. Not only did it make it easy to play with filter settings
(especially during the fades), but it's a lot easier to copy 20
WPM code groups when you can play them back as many
times as you need to.

Laura Halliday VA3LDH   "Que les nuages soient notre pied
Grid: FN03gs                a terre..." - Hospital/Shafte
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