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9600 Auto Freq Circuits

At 09:10 PM 11/28/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>Is there is anyone out there who has built a radio tuning circuit which
>senses the FM radio discriminator voltage as input and provides mic up/down
>key click tuning as output.  This would be for keeping a radio tuned to a
>9600bps data signal?  I would like to hear from you if so.  Thanks.

I have several references on that topic.

1. Closed Loop Doppler Correction for 9600 Baud Satellites by James A. 
Sanford, WB4GCS, Amsat Journal, Vol 17, No 3, May/June 1994.

2. An Automatic Doppler Correction Circuit for FSK/FM satellites by Mike 
Dorsett, G6GEJ, Packet Status Register, Summer 1993 Issue 51.

3. Automatische Frequenznachfuhrung (AFC) des Yaesu FT-736R bei Empfang des 
Satelliten UO-22 und KO-23 by Reinhard Richter DJ1KM, Amsat-DL March 1992.

4. UO-22 AFC-circuit for the FT-736R by OZ4ACV, email May 6, 1992 (probably 
predates amsat-bb).

5. Auto UO-14 RX frequency tracking for TS-790/FT-736 by Sueo Asato JA6FTL, 
email Dec 21, 1990.

I have hard copy on all of the above but have not implemented any.

ron long w8gus.
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