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Just tracked the 2143 UTC pass of RS-13 here in Vermont. Very Interesting! I 
started listening about 3 minutes before the pass and heard a very strong 
data type signal center at 29.475 MHz. It increased in strength as RS-13 came 
into view. I monitored the beacon fine on 29.457, but was unable to get any 
signal into the bird on 2M. Tuning through the transponder I heard other 
weaker rtty type signals and the very strong signal at 29.475. This signal 
was about S7 here! As RS-13 set, I lost the beacon, but continued to hear the 
digital signal until ~ -15 degrees elevation!

I did some quick tuning around 10M and discovered that the band was wide open 
to the mid west. W5ECG was 60 over S9 from Dallas TX running 10W on FM!!

My guess on RS-13 is that it isn't broke, but the controllers of the main 
payload have turned on some of the equiment onboard and it's wiping out the 
onboard RS-13 receivers. I also think that I heard the strong signal on 
29.475 so well even below the horizon because of band conditions. Can't wait 
for the next pass...... I love a good mystery.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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