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Re: Re: launch option??

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Dan Schultz wrote:

 I could give that some thought, but I don't think that the folks at
Boeing are going to listen to a 'no-name' type like me. Would they
listen if the BoD was to sign off on the proposal????


> Andrew, you're in Amsat. Why don't you chase this down for us? Prepare a
> written proposal for Boeing, show them who we are and what we do and most of
> all try to convince them that we will not hurt their pretty new rocket with a
> poorly made satellite that might vibrate apart on lift off. When you finish
> the rough draft, offer it to the Amsat Board of Directors for comment and
> approval, and then approach someone at Boeing. This is how things get done in
> Amsat, somebody sees a need and steps forward to do it. The "you guys should
> do this...." method rarely produces results, but the "This is what I am going
> to do...." method works a lot better. 
> Remember that even if it is a "free ride" on a flight that nobody else wants,
> some group of employees at Boeing is going to have to spend some time
> reviewing Amsats design and workmanship and approving the interfaces and
> deployment mechanism from their rocket. You are still asking for a significant
> favor from them to get this "free ride". Getting such a ride is largely
> dependent on us earning the trust and faith of the launch agency.

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