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Re: launch option??

Andrew Reynolds writes:

>I see that Boeing is thinking of making the first flight of their new
>Delta 4 booster a demo flight. This flight, which would take place in
>2001, would be either a 7,800-10,000 kg. payload to LEO, or a 4,800-
>6,600 kg. payload to GTO.
>Can we hope that someone in AMSAT is chasing this one down?????

Andrew, you're in Amsat. Why don't you chase this down for us? Prepare a
written proposal for Boeing, show them who we are and what we do and most of
all try to convince them that we will not hurt their pretty new rocket with a
poorly made satellite that might vibrate apart on lift off. When you finish
the rough draft, offer it to the Amsat Board of Directors for comment and
approval, and then approach someone at Boeing. This is how things get done in
Amsat, somebody sees a need and steps forward to do it. The "you guys should
do this...." method rarely produces results, but the "This is what I am going
to do...." method works a lot better. 

Remember that even if it is a "free ride" on a flight that nobody else wants,
some group of employees at Boeing is going to have to spend some time
reviewing Amsats design and workmanship and approving the interfaces and
deployment mechanism from their rocket. You are still asking for a significant
favor from them to get this "free ride". Getting such a ride is largely
dependent on us earning the trust and faith of the launch agency.

Richard Limebear writes:

>Sure thing. We're about to send out the begging letters for P3E finance.
>Or 6.4 tonnes of concrete and a super APRS bird. (I'll gladly pay for the

>Seriously though, I'm sure most of the Amsats would *love* to put something
>on the flight ... but, post-P3D, where would we get the money from ?

>I guess you could call it funding fatigue.

We could perhaps get the money from the thousands of new members who will join
Amsat once P3D is in orbit and we can show them how to use it. And from a few
old members who will hopefully rejoin after the bird is in space.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
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