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Re: Converter Protection

I plan to use a Ramsey RFS-1 ($14.95 mini-kit) RF relay to protect mine.  I 
had one on  my Hamtronics 10 m preamp and they work well.  They are about a 
15 minute kit, but come without any case or connectors (available at RS).

Here's their web page, but I warn you, it has maddening frames:

Jerry, K5OE

> This past week, I fried a Drake 2.4GHz converter.  I was listenting for
>  UO-11 (nothing heard) and was distracted by a phone call.  When I came back
>  to the rig, an FT-736, I got on 2m FM and made a couple of calls.  I
>  discovered the 2m side was still on the converter and I had put about 25
>  watts up the coax.  I'm presuming the Drake is toast.  What are other folks
>  doing to 'fail safe' their gear to prevent inadvertent RF from getting in a
>  mastmount converter.  I looking at the Parabolic 2.4GHz converter when P3D
>  is lauched so I don't want to repeat this episode.
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