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Re: Indoor Antennas

In a message dated 99-11-24 09:07:03 EST, kd9kc@elp.rr.com writes:

<< One thing to keep in mind, some older micro-wave ovens did not like to
 run without some energy absorbing load in them.  They could actually 
 be damaged by running them empty.  >>

Has anyone figured out a modulation scheme for old microvave ovens???

If I pry the door off and jumper out the safety catches...can I place a small 
dish inside the oven and mount it on the tower so there is no feedline loss? 
Or is the existing cavity optimized at frequency?

Has anyone had experience running 120vac up the shielded lead...I could use 
my microphone cable since I would not have any coax....

Of course wind loading and rotation might be prohibitive...

But maybe the keypad could be used for some sort of control or for a timed 

If we want to waste a lot of bandwidth on my ideas...please email me direct...

Happy Thanksgiving to those on this side of the pond and best wishes to the 
rest of the Planet!

(My first VHF Radio was a SCR-522)

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