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uo11 modem

Good evening to all,
altough i didn't try it right on uo11, here is an idea to make a very
simple modem.
I use the MC14LC5447 connected to a MAX232 and serial port. The circuit
is dead bug wired. The datasheet can be found on motorola website. I use
it with a 455khz ceramic resonator.
In fact that IC is v23/bell202 modem intended for use on telephone
lines. It works very well and is very tolerant to noise.
I believe that on uo11, mark and space freq are inverted, so it should
be necessary to invert the output before the max232 interface circuit.
A rough check on my modem showed that it accepts 1200/2400 tones without
problems. The price is very low. (20$??).
Made for what it can serve.
Best 73 to all.
Ghislain RUY 

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